French Mortgage Calculator

For more information about how to use this calculator please see our French Mortgage Calculator help page.

As you know French mortgage companies lend on a slightly different basis to those based in the UK. You can take advantage of low European interest rates but you must also satisfy the French consumer law to ensure you can afford the repayments and maintain a good standard of living.

How much can I borrow?

To ensure that you can afford to repay the French mortgage your total outgoings (debt ratio) must not exceed 33% of your gross income*. To give an approximation of how much you can borrow please use the French mortgage calculators below. This should allow you to assess the size of the home loan you can take out.

* There is some flexibility in this system and the debt ratio can be extended up to 40% dependant on your earnings and circumstances. Please contact us to learn more.

French Mortgage Repayment Calculator

The monthly French mortgage repayment calculator allows you to work out your monthly repayments on mortgages in France. You can change the interest rate, amount required and the term of the loan. You will then be presented with a breakdown of your balance, monthly payments and interest over the term you specify (Maximum of 25 Years).

Loan Amount (Euros):
Interest Rate (percent):
Mortgage Length (years):
Start Date:

Affordability Calculator

Now that you have calculated the monthly repayments you can use our affordability calculator to ensure your outgoings do not exceed 33% of your gross monthly income.

Enter your monthly gross income, along with any rental income (if you intend to let the property) and your outgoings including the proposed French mortgage. Our calculator will then display your debt ratio and amount you can repay each month.

Income (monthly)

Gross Income
Rental Income
Other Income

Outgoings (monthly)

UK Mortgage
French Mortgage
Car loan
Other loans and CCs
Child Maintenance

French mortgage calculator help

If the debt ratio is above 33% you can change some details on the monthly repayment calculator perhaps borrowing less or extending the term of your French mortgage, up to 25 years maximum.

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