French Mortgage Rates

Welcome to French Mortgage Property’s best buy tables.

Whether you are interested in finding out the loan to value available for a mortgage in France, checking the starting rates, finding an interest only mortgage or getting an overview of the repayments this is the place to find out.

We keep this information regularly updated however the exact rates available will depend on an individual’s financial circumstances. For a personalised French mortgage quote please Request a Quote .

Loan amount - €250,000

Lower interest rates will be available at different LTVs (loan to values) 

*Based on a 20 year term

Some of these products are also available for the purchase of a leaseback property

This information should only be used as a guide. All product specifications will depend on the individual’s financial circumstances. The products mentioned here are for non-resident clients, other products will be available for residents. For a personalised French mortgage quote please contact us or submit your information online.