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Access French property finance (Prêt Immobilier) at Competitive Rates
French Mortgage Property have teamed up with International Private Finance Ltd. (IPF) to provide the best value French Mortgages for your property purchase in France. International Private Finance are a specialist broker in the French mortgage market. Using their expertise they will find the best mortgages in France by searching a wide range of French mortgage lenders. The mortgages (Pret Immobilier) brokered by IPF all have competitive features and rates incorporating:

  • Competitively low European Interest Rates (compared to the rates offered in the UK).

  • French Mortgages of up to 100% secured against your property in France.

  • A fully bilingual French mortgage service.

  • All paperwork in English and French.

  • Secure finance against your property purchase in France, rather than your principle residence.

  • English-speaking mortgage advisers on hand to take you through your French property acquisition every step of the way.

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